Do You Need 2 Rooms To Rent?

Who Needs 2 Rooms For Rent?

We get many people asking if we have 2 rooms for rent and of course we do. Our two bedroom unit here in Carrum Downs is ideal for Australians or overseas visitors to stay in while in Melbourne.

But it got me thinking about a very important question when it comes to 2 bedroom rentals. And that is.

Who Needs 2 Rooms To Rent?

What type or person, or persons, would be looking for two bedrooms for rent whether it be short term or for longer periods?

Below are some enquiries we have had for our unit here in Carrum Downs. You will see that people from all walks of life need accommodation or just a place to stay.

We are 2 ladies, both working full time. We need a place in or around Frankston as we work in Seaford.
We are family of 2 with a young child. A neat and tidy two bedroom place is perfect for us.
We are two single professional woman needing accommodation where we can unwind after work but do some work at home.
We are 2 guys looking to rent. We both work long hours and need somewhere where we can come home, relax and cook a nce meal.
We are 2 seniors looking to rent. We love exploring the Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland and a home base is ideal.
We are 2 Canadians looking to rent. Working at Frankston Hospital fo 6 months and need to be close by.
We are four adults (2 couples) looking to rent. We are celebrating a birthday in and around Frankston. Just 2 rooms to sleep really for 2 nights.
We are 2 international students looking to rent. We are completing our studies at Frankston Monash. A quiet area to study at home would be great.
We are two health care professionals tutoring at Peninsula Private Hospital.
We are 2 mature university students looking to rent. No kids and no pets to disrupt our down time if possible.
We are 2 working professionals looking to rent. Moved to Frankston from New South Wales. 2 seprate bedrooms please.
My wife and I are 2 retirees looking to rent. We are grey nomads spending 8 months on the Peninsula and are after a holiday rental.
We are 2 friends who are looking to get a two bedroom place to stay for about 12 months only. We do not want to have to sign a lease to chain us to a unit.
We are 2 middle aged ladies looking for a quiet neighbourhood to do our volunteer work in Carrum Downs.

So you see it doen't matter if you are male or female, professional, over 50, friends, students or overseas students or holiday makers, you can stay in a unit with two rooms to rent for as long as you need.

Holiday Rental or Short Term House Stay Mornington Peninsula

Close to Frankston CBD and Foreshore
2 minutes from Peninsula Link and Eastlink Freeways
A quiet court location with onsite parking
Security of having the owners on hand
2 minute drive to shopping centre, restaurants and hotel
10 minute drive to Frankston Theatre and Library
Kmart, Safeway and Coles nearby