Kennel Control Council Park Skye

KCC Park Skye, Victoria, 3977
The Kennel Control Council (KCC), situated at 655 Westernport Hwy, Skye, is a hive of activity on most weekends with events for every type of dog lover.

For example here is a sample of dog events coming up in 2016.

American Stafforshire Terrier Show
West Highland White Terrier Show
Airedale Terrier Shows
Fox Terrier Show
Newfoundland Show
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Shows
Sporting Terrier Shows
Working Dog Shows
Obedience and Rally Obedience Trial
Pointer & Setter Trial
Welsh Corgi Show
Border Terrier Show
Working Dog Show
Sporting Terrier Shows
Pointer & Setter Trial
Bernese Mountain Dog Show
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Shows
Jack Russell Terrier Show
Schipperke Shows
Lure Racing
Japanese Chin Shows
King Charles Spaniel Show
Shih Tzu Shows
Obedience & Rally Obedience Trial
Italian Greyhound Shows
Border Collie Herding Trial
Sporting Terrier Shows
Tracking Trial
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Shows
Victorian Spitz Breeds Show
Chow Chow Show
Finnish Lapphund Show
Earthdog Test
Dalmatian Show
Boston Terrier Show
Obedience & Rally Obedience Trials
Herding Trial
Obedience & Rally Obedience Trials
Utility Gundog Championships
Pointer & Setter Trial Championship
Utility Gundog Championships
All Breeds Shows
Pointer & Setter Field Trials
Dances with Dogs Workshop
Australian Shepherd Show
All Breeds Shows
Golden Retriever Show
Agility & Jumping Trial
Open Tracking Trial
Australian Shepherd Obedience
Australian Shepherd Herding

A quick browse through the State Dog Centre's events calendar is testament to this and proves how popular the dog training, obedience and showing is.

Dog lovers and registered dog breeders from all over Australia steer their car towards the Victorian Canine Association headquarters all year round to show, train and generally interact with other dog owners.

Companion Dog Club members enjoy a vast array of facilities inside th 75 acres of KCC including:
  • A dam for dog swimming
  • Outdoor and indoor areas for lead training and obedience
  • Breed confirming shows
  • Sports trial for dogs
  • Competiton areas
  • Canine sporting complex
  • A huge area for off leash activities

Need Accommodation While Showing Off Your Dogs At KCC Park Skye?

We are a quick 10 minute drive from the KCC Dog Park in Skye.