My Sailing Holiday To Mornington Peninsula

When my partner suggested that we take a dinghy sailing vacation together on the Mornington Peninsula, I was not happy about the idea. We're as different as night and day in many respects. We do not have the same ideas about romantic destinations at all. For her, the best place to get away from it all is in the middle of the wilderness.

My idea of a romantic place, however, is Echuca/Moama. Nice and cheap holiday, I know, but that's just me. We balance each other out pretty well, but it makes things difficult when we have to decide on vacations. Usually, we take turns, but this time I wasn't sure if I could abide by her decision. You see, dinghy sailing scared the bejeesus out of me.

Although everyone in the photos from her sailing holiday booklet seemed to be having a great time, all I could think about was that they were just awaiting their inevitable demise under the waves.

Sailing Vacation Melbourne

I knew that the dinghy sailing holidays company from the Mornington Peninsula that she was contemplating had a fairly good safety record (I researched them at length) but even still, I could not get over my fear of not having solid ground beneath my feet.

I had never been on a dinghy trip before even a small one. What would happen if I found out that being aboard a dinghy made me sea sick? Were the people who spent their entire dinghy sailing holidays throwing up over the edge of the vessel? Would I be the first?

In the end, however, I had to give in. After all, I was planning a trip to the Grampians next year. I knew that if I vetoed her decision, she would veto mine.

Before we knew it, we would give up holidays entirely. I didn't want things to get to that point. Getting on the dinghy, I was practically shaking. She had to hold my hand! Within a couple hours of starting the trip, however, something strange happened: I calmed down.

I actually had a great time aboard the sailboat. There were many interesting people there to talk to, and there's something very soothing about the endless rocking of the waves. We didn't have any bad weather the whole time. If anything, it was a bit too mild. That made for days of gentle sailing and nights of calm, restful sleep.

All in all, I couldn't have asked more of my dinghy sailing holidays. If she enjoys the Grampians half as much, we'll have a lovely trip next summer.

Holiday Rental or Short Term House Stay Mornington Peninsula

Close to Monash University
2 minutes from Peninsula Link and Eastlink Freeways
A quiet court location
Security of having the owners on hand
10 minute walk to shopping centre, restaurants and hotel
10 minute drive to Frankston CBD
Kmart, Safeway and Coles nearby
3 minutes from Nitro Gym, Jetts Gym and Core24 Health and Fitness